May 11, 2024

Billy Russell

How to Paint Wood Furniture

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Give Your Furniture A Face Lift With A New Coat Of Paint


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To paint wood furniture, follow these steps for a successful transformation:

1. Prepare the Surface: – Clean the furniture to remove dust and dirt. – Sand the surface to create a smooth, paint-ready texture. Repair any imperfections with wood filler.

2. Remove Hardware: – If applicable, take off handles, knobs, or any removable parts to make painting easier.

3. Prime- If the furniture is bare wood or has a glossy finish, consider applying a primer to enhance paint adhesion.  Use a primer specifically formulated for wood.

4. Choose the Right Paint: – Pick a high-quality furniture paint or enamel. Satin or semi-gloss finishes work well for furniture as they are durable and easy to clean.  Also consider a lacquer.  They take a little more effort to achieve a flawless finish, but is still achievable for DIY and ultimately tend to create a harder finish: therefore, more durable and more washable.  

5. Use Quality Brushes or Rollers: – Select brushes or rollers suitable for your furniture’s size and shape. A brush may be ideal for intricate details, while a roller can cover large, flat surfaces more quickly.

6. Apply Paint: – Begin painting with smooth, even strokes. Work in the direction of the wood grain. Be mindful of drips, and apply thin coats to avoid a thick, uneven finish.

7. Allow Drying Time: – Let each coat dry completely before applying the next one. Follow the paint manufacturer’s recommendations for drying times.

8. Sand Between Coats: – Lightly sand the furniture between coats to ensure a smooth finish. Wipe away any dust with a rag dampened with a light thinner such as mineral spirits before applying the next layer.

9. Protect and Seal: – Once satisfied with the paint coverage, consider applying a clear sealant or topcoat to protect the finish and enhance durability.

10. Reattach Hardware: – Once the final coat is dry and cured, reattach handles, knobs, or any removed hardware. By following these steps, you can give your wood furniture a fresh, updated look with a smooth and durable paint finish.




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